"When Doves Cry" played by Greg Dulli (Twilight Singers/Afghan Whigs) and Apollonia

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Wow, powerful cover. Thank you for sharing.

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Interesting and powerful arrangement, but, criminy, the vocal mics are so “poppy” that it hurt to listen to it on the headphones. Switched to the NAD receiver and B&W speakers & sub… They didn’t like it either. Vocal micing seems like one of those things they should have paid more attention to in a recording. I did like the full frontal Wall of Sound for all the instruments. That was cool!

Ooh, I have this (I subscribed to SPIN for many many years–the tribute CD came free with the magazine). I know what I’m listening to tonight!

Thank you, that was great.

Didnt care for his version (a little to Twilight for my tastes), but the descriptions of the Purple Rain LP were epic and on point

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