Listen: The Afghan Whigs' Greg Dulli covers "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"

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That weirdly sounded like it was about to break in to a James Bond theme song several times.

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I love The Whigs and Twilight Singers, but lord a-mighty, you’d think Greg would know his range by now…


If you want a toned-down, non-bouncy, reflective - sombre, even - xmas rendition, I recommend this for a Wonderful Christmas Time

I think I agree. Not at all familiar with Afghan Whigs, but does he always sing just a fraction flat and sharp here and there? This would be surely be better if he could hold the tune. And yes, I am making plenty of allowances for ‘artistic interpretation’ - and if this is really that, then … well it does slightly offend my ears, I’m afraid.

Every cover Greg touches turns to cold. This is a Fact of Science. And for those comments about his range - back off! It’s part of his charm :slight_smile:

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The Beths released a lovely version of this recently, with a just as wonderful video.

It has a bitchin’ guitar solo too.
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No, he doesn’t always sing sharp and flat. But often. And it can be part of his charm, but it can also be part of the pain inherent in being a fan. There was a good reason to have Marcy from Scrawl sing “My Curse” on Gentlemen.

That might as well have been in Cyrillic for all the sense it made to me. Four proper nouns in a row that made me feel old/disconnected. It could have been street slang for something unsavoury, for all I know. I’ll assume it was another singer from another band doing the vocals on a vocally demanding track on a particular album. But thanks for the confirmation. :wink:

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