Video of sultry, jazzy cover of Radiohead's "Creep"


I’ve never heard of her before, and her voice is very nice. But lost me as soon as she switched to full on “Idol” mode. AI has done more to damage music than any other single thing, and that includes autotune and MTV.


Yeah that is really nice technical execution, but the song was not meant to be sultry. It is meant to be pain filled. This just did not capture the spirit of the song at all.

Yeah, this is the vocal equivalent of Demo Mode on a Casiotone.


I don’t know. I’m a creep, a loser, etc., and it sounded okay to me. But I’m a creep, so I don’t know. Maybe I just don’t belong here…

You nailed it. First half of the track was an interesting listen, last half was the vocal equivalent of an 80’s guitar solo.

I suppose I’m a Philistine, because I loved that so much.


Pretty, bland, and terrible. Like so much of PMJ’s stuff, it’s someone with a pretty voice completely failing to convey any emotional understanding of the song they’re trying to sing. Having a pretty voice doesn’t make you a good singer any more than having great handwriting makes you a good writer.

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Come, let’s form our very own Philistine army.

I’m going to have to disagree with you there. Sometimes they have pretty awesome vocalists:


Not half as sultry as Richard Cheese.

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More damp and humid than sultry, but still…

The radio edit lyrics? Pfft.

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Good, but I still prefer [Carrie Manolakos’][1] [1]: cover, so much more emotional, almost makes me cry

That sounded British.

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Not bad, but only Glasper and co have the skillz to pay the radiohead billz:

PS: his Smells Like Teen Spirit cover is pretty trip as well

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