Jaunty soulful cover of Radiohead's Creep

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Is that Jack Conte on keyboards?

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We are Scary Pockets, a funk band that releases weekly music videos, in pursuit of the funk. Scary Pockets is Ryan Lerman and Jack Conte, with the help and support from a rotating roster of the best session musicians in the LA area.

From the video description:

A funk cover of Creep by Scary Pockets.

Vocals: India Carney
Bass: Sam Wilkes
Drums: Lemar Carter
Guitar: Ryan Lerman
Wurlitzer: Jack Conte
Recording Engineer: Pete Min

Produced, mixed, mastered, and edited by Scary Pockets.


I thought it was Dan Olsen, of Folding Ideas; but, then, I know little about music.

More fun than a gloomy dismal self-deprecating song should be!!

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Great idea and almost a great execution, but to my ear the vocal phrasing wasn’t quite as ‘swingy’ as it should have been to match the music track.

I love Pomplamoose and especially love watching the interaction between the bassist and the keyboardist. The bassist with the glasses usually looks to be on the verge of jumping out of his seat every time he plays and the keyboardist responds with the same energy.

Like in this cover they both start to leave the seat of the chair. Such a joy to watch:


That bass line is frickin’ tight.

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Scary Pockets is awesome; I’ve been hip to them for a while now.


Here’s a jaunty jazzy cover:

That is one enthusiastic bass player, c’mon!! WOOT

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He has zero chill, and I am here for it.

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And if anyone wants a truly soulful version of Creep, this is just superb. A voice to die for. When she really gets going, it’s mesmerising. I strongly recommend letting Google take you to more of her stuff.

ETA @beschizza you should probably try this one, too. It is stunning.


Wow. Outstanding.


See also:

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A better match of the mood of the music to the lyrics is why I prefer the Aztec Camera cover of Jump to the original.

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