Watch Prince's burning cover of Radiohead's "Creep"


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Can it actually be considered a cover when he gets none of the lyrics right?


It’s nice to see him actually pick up a guitar once in awhile, 'cause he can shred it, but yeah, didn’t make it past the point where he failed to at least get “so fucking (or ‘very’ from the radio version) special” right.


Why can’t covers also play with lyrics? Why are they set in stone compared to instruments?


When did Radiohead last play it?




Agreed. I think the appropriate reply is Anyone Can Play Guitar.

You will dig Prince's burning cover of Radiohead's "Creep"

Yeah, I think his play with the lyrics in this is as fascinating & beautiful as what he’s doing on guitar. The whole thing is gorgeous.


it would probably be more accurate to call it an interpretation of or variation on ‘Creep’ but I don’t see the need to nitpick it


Well, thanks to you Thom Yorke! Screw you Prince. If I want to watch an actually amazing cover of a perfect lament by Radiohead, I’d much rather groove with Postmodern Jukebox and their cover of “Creep” featuring Haley Reinhart. At the very least, no DMCA takedown ass-hatery, at the most, a million times better than anything Prince has turned out in decades, and it’s only a cover.

Also: Not really certain about hyphenation of the phrase/word "ass hatery. Smashed together, sans space and hypen, it always looks like “ass shatery”, which is either the past tense of “ass shitery”, or the present tense of the act of crafting a truly terrible rendition of the cannabis concentrate commonly called “shatter”. Thoughts? =)

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According to Radiohead last played Creep in 2009 at Reading Festival. Looks like in general they only bring it out lately at festival shows.


I am reminded of Elvis Costello’s cover of “Pop Life” in that regard.
(Which, um, Prince kinda killed an official release of…)




I think Prince is one of the best living guitar players. He’s a freak of nature so far as his musicianship goes.

“Underrated” isn’t really appropriate, but he’s not really one of those guys that people think of when making a list…

Killing it -


I specifically came to this thread to trash this version, so I am very happy that someone mentioned it.

I hate that version of the song. In my mind it is the worst possible version. Don’t misunderstand me; the technical execution was flawless, but the demeanor and carriage of the lead singer is completely at odds with what the song is about.

She is clearly not a creep, nor a weirdo, and her traditional and well-trained voice betrays what she is really doing there: singing amazingly well and looking good while doing it. A good cover of Ceep has no room for self-confidence.

And when she laments that she wants a “perfect body”? It guts any meaning from the song and lays bare the hypocrisy. You have to earn the right to sing Creep, in my books.


Bah. Best version is Abney Park’s older version.


Given his nigh 30+ years of absolutely shredding every instrument he touches, Imma gonna let him play whatever the fuck he wants.



Damn! Beat me to it. Was so incensed with the Prince bashing I saw, I had to post a Wonderful Thing ™.


I understood this song “Creep” not to express how the audience feels about the singer, but how the singer feels in relation to someone who’s love they, the singer, doesn’t feel worthy of. Unless Prince is singing it, than I understand it to mean that Prince is a creep, actually.