Legendary rockstar Prince has passed away


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It is super, super dreary here in Minneapolis right now. Purple rainy day. :cry:


RIP the Purple One.


Here lies the artist formerly known as Prince.


Sho nuf do be dyin’ in my book.


I’m with Josh Marshall: I never understood why anyone over the age of 11 was into Michael Jackson, but Prince’s popularity made sense to me.



Saw Prince twice in the 80’s. It was still one of the top shows I have ever seen, true entertainer to the core. RIP dude…


Remember when he nearly Died For You at the Superbowl when he got out in the pouring rain and played the electric guitar? Best. Superbowl. Halftime. Ever.


I guess it’s really “party over, Oops out of time”


What a rotten year. This news blindsides me when I’m just now feeling OK hearing Bowie tunes again.

I tip my raspberry beret to you, good sir, you are already missed.


I don’t think that I have ever owned any Prince music (perhaps an impulse “1999” $5 album), but always liked and enjoyed him – MJ not so much.
Fond memories of listening to him via shared earbuds on bus rides back in high school (usually with one of the cross country girls on the way to a meet).



not cool. not cool at all.


Having grown up in the Twin Cities in that crucial part of the early 80’s, I’m here to tell you that buying Purple Rain right after it was released was A Thing. I played the crap out of that LP.



I met him. He was tiny with a huge body guard, attitude and ego. Great talent in a tiny package.


I saw him once when I was in my 20’s.

Gotta love how he always gave a shout out to the people in the “nosebleeds…”


This year is defective and I would like a replacement, please.

Seriously, make it stop :sob:


I loved them both.


Interesting, Joannie ‘Chyna’ Laurie also passed away at age 46.