Lesbian elders learn modern-day lesbian slang


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I was under the impression that everything was Gay Slang?


I want to smooch & hug each one of them, with permission of coarse. I miss the gals / lady dudes from my time in San Francisco.


These ladies are complete O.W.L.s!


man, they were sharp as tacks. gotta love OWLs, haha. their young’un slang was a lot easier to suss out than the gay young’un slang to me.


They are so cute and smart. Joy of the day ;).


You’re forgetting that much of slang is black slang, actually.


And/or Yiddish.


Fair point!

So, the most original slang is probably from a black jewish lesbian?


I think I know the one you’re thinking of. She played the cornet, and hosted jam sessions in her lower east side walkup in the 30s.


That’s the one!

[ETA] Also, none of us would ever be that cool.


Phyllis reminds me a lot of one of my aunts.


And Romani. It seems to be a feature of marginalised communities.


Gogol Bordello said it in one of their songs (talking about culture instead of language - but same principle) - “you love our music/but you hate us/I know you still want us/to sit on back of the bus…”


She reminds me of my favorite high school guidance counselor, who is still a good friend 17 years later.


Related, I had a conversation recently about the use of the genre “Gypsy punk”. I know many people feel that any use of “Gypsy” is pejorative; but Gogol Bordello’s frontman is proudly Romani, and their album Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike coined (or perhaps merely popularized) the term “Gypsy punk”. So I’m not sure what to think. Obviously one member of a minority can’t give blanket permission to all white folks, but…I dunno.


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