Less than 1% of the world's population owns almost 50% of the world's wealth


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I was thinking about some new investments-- is there a company that makes pitchforks, torches and guillotines?



Less than 1% of the world’s population owns almost 50% of the world’s wealth

This article is like a Jack-in-the-Box. We already know what’s inside (article content), yet we still keep cranking that handle as if there might be a different outcome…


I don’t know who MAKES those things, but you can totally buy all of them in one handy spot and have it delivered to your door… by a company owned by one of those 1%'ers who’s basically taking over the world. He’ll also happily share your purchasing history and information to his peers to sell you more of the same.

Oh yeah, and he’ll also hand it over for free to the Feds, who have proven themselves to be happy to screw you over in order to keep the 1% as the 1%, because they get a cut and like to keep it that way.


Where do you fall on the chart if you’re in debt?


Fact: if your net worth is one dollar or more, you own more wealth than approximately 30% of the US population combined, since about 20% of people have negative net wealth due to debt.


Let them sell us the rope that we want for completely legitimate reason, and not for hanging them with. :wink:


Standard comment about how the article makes the usual mistake of confusing income and savings.


Standard reply about the article, the title, and the source explicitly stating that they are talking about wealth and ownership.


Fixed, yr welcome


Eat the rich, tax the church. It’s like no one listens to me.

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