Less than Human, More than Human

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Mary Shelley had four children and buried three as infants. Her last son Percy survived her and died of old age. But Frankenstein, her ultimate creation, has lived on. Her literary science fictional monster child became a myth, an aspiration, an ambition and even somewhat a reality in the past 200 years.


We have all at some time in our lives felt like Frankenstein, yet another reason the tale endures.

I’m gonna head this one off at the pass:


You vitalize the dead bodies you’ve stitched together just that one time and it’s something you’ll never forget!

Wait, we’re talking about software, right?

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A cyborg that looks to the future, you say?

Dresden Codak

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As far as I know what is essentially the first novel was written by a woman long before the cited examples


I can’t say I ever have (neither the doctor nor the monster), but I don’t disagree with your point.

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Frankex-k-c-d’s convoluted, canonical monster story!

My main takeaway from Jasmina’s piece is to find a good biography on Mary Shelley, after having just now read the Wikipedia articles on her and her family.


This one’s at the edge of the bell curve by a long shot, length wise… I’d like to see more long reads here.

Wollstonecraftian horror is under-rated.

I’m just glad they’ve now made it canon that the main character in Doctor Who is called “Doctor Who”

And thus all there was and ever shall be on this topic. Imagine if all women had had Godwin and Mary Sr. as their parents: What art they may have created! Vindication of rights indeed. But, this post is the loveliest of lovely. I want to shmush it in Harold Bloom’s face, but whatever.

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