Sex monsters , #MeToo and Frankenstein horrors in this week’s dubious tabloids

Originally published at: Sex monsters , #MeToo and Frankenstein horrors in this week's dubious tabloids | Boing Boing

Everyone should email the editors the photo of “Biden’s Sons Money Schemes Exposed” and ask them why they are hosting and spreading that sort of information on BoingBoing.

No doubt better off reading this, although if no butts are pounded, I will be disappointed:

When Dr. Frank N. Stein’s intern, Elsa, is forced to clean up his lab after hours, a lightning storm shuts of all the power leaving her alone with a corpse and a major case of the creeps. But when a lightning bolt and a broken vial of “Reanimation Agent” bring the corpse to life, she knows she’s got real problems.

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