Let's design a Social Media Platform

These days a lot of people are looking for alternative social media platforms as twitter collapses, facebook becomes filled with magicians making weird videos of white women, and I still don’t understand mastadon well enough to make a joke about it.

So, I was thinking…what do I really want from a social network? What are my requirements? Then I decided that it would be interesting to hear everyone else’s, so, this thread. Mostly a joke/game but that doesn’t mean you can’t be serious too

Expanded reaction options (beyond like/dislike):
I got this reference/I did not get this reference
Funny/Not funny
I agree/I disagree

That would give me everything I am actually craving from social media (including here)

Oh, and the site requires you to fill them out for every post you read because I have to know

A read setting that blocks everyone that you, and people you follow or otherwise trust, have never liked. (Easy to switch off if you want to swim in the muck.)

If you still get Nazis on your timeline, show who’s responsible so that you can prune them.


Some way to easily distinguish between liking a post or comment for its quality rather than its subject matter. For example, liking a comment that excoriates monkey slavery, rather than appearing to endorse monkey slavery. More seriously, liking to show support and care, as opposed to liking the tragic or difficult situation that the poster is referring to. I think what I’m referring to is “nuance”, and it pretty much follows your non-binary like/dislike thing


Liked b/c of OhHai’s endorsement of monkey slavery.


Damn…can you imagine a timeline without Nazis?


You… You… MONSTER!


I clicked the wrong like, I swear!


It’s hard to get rid of them completely. They’re always lurking on the timeline, alternate worlds, or out in space. (But mostly next door.)


Of course, someone would have to read their dreck, so that infested nodes could be dropped.

eta: I guess it should warn someone commenting “This person will not see you.”

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Some sort of obvious accountability for mods. When you see stuff that is blatantly against TOS and still given an OK, there needs to be a clear way to appeal, and mods disciplined, if necessary.

Not sure how to keep this from being blatantly abused though.

That seems very abusable. Maybe as an option to the person blocking?

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Perhaps just an icon beside the poster’s name indicating that they normally filter their reads? It should be polite. After all, it’s not a personal block, just letting you know that they’re not ignoring you, they just don’t see you.

I don’t know if it’s true of the whole Federation, but I see that on Friendica, you can also dislike posts. That way, you could set a threshold. Set it at net zero, and new posters would be visible, but anyone with a negative score from you and your peers, and they’d disappear.

Yes, that would encourage bubble worlds, but :person_shrugging: is that so bad? On Twitter, there were certainly a lot of people that I’d never miss if I never saw their posts or replies. And anyone looking for a Good Argument can always turn that off.

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What if there are people on staff to provide users with a good argument? Not trolls that will just contradict you, actual arguments

Well one thing I would probably do if I had a social media platform is to integrate built in tools to detect manipulated images and video. Imagine how many people it would piss off? Propagandists, celebrities & Instagram beauty influencers would be livid. They would be even more angry if users can indicate for everyone where an image was edited right on their posts.

Better options for direct messaging tools. The option to choose a third party messenger separate from the main site that linked to in a profile. The ability to host DMs off site for private storage can be key feature. For risk adverse businesses and organizations this could have many uses.

The use of ledgers in real, meaningful real world uses. Not this crypto bullshit that tries to trick people to buy legally shaky receipts for ugly ass monkey jpegs. Done right it could be a useful tool in the fight against fake news. A video posted to said social media site by a reporter can have an integrated ‘watermark’ to help verify it’s legitimacy as a tool used against manipulation by an outside party. For artists on the site it could help against their battle against art thieves.

Better context shown on site for articles offsite. A temperature score for sources based on a number of factors such as government funding, lost defamation lawsuits, super PAC funding, having a known history of using manipulated images/video/audio etc etc.

So I would try to make a great place by turning it into a inhospitable hellscape for sociopaths :rofl:


How about everyone just makes their own website and hosts it. It has exactly the content you want and you can either monetize it or not. You bookmark the pages that are interesting and avoid the ones that are not. Then use RSS to curate your own feed.



Wasn’t that the Change My View subreddit Change A View Ceasefire?

I guess I can try to make my social media version of “The Homer.”

Herb Powell reacts to the unreasonable price of the car designed for his half-brother Homer Simpson. "$82,000?"

It needs to be carbon neutral. In order to make a post you must have just planted a tree. The smartphone app will use capacitance and acoustic analysis to determine if soil or sap are left on the touchscreen when you try to send.

In order to avoid bias among the moderators, after every post reviewed they must add a like or a dislike on the “Neutral Response” clip from Futurama.

You don’t need to sign up to “read” posts, but without an account everything is replaced by a virtual national news anchor, reading the posts or describing the videos or images. It’s not an inaccurate interpretation, but it will give you a teaser and then only continue to drone on after an advertisement break. For those who have an account, the character will only appear as a still image under the error messages, looking disheveled like the newsreaders from Batman '89 when they couldn’t use makeup.

Posts can include a poll. Every poll will have a button for, “Show results.” That becomes your vote if you click it.

Gail Simone will be able to make any topic trend unless it disparages Y-Wings from Star Wars. Once per year #Y-Wing will show up in trending topics, despite having a hyphen.

Movies can be uploaded, but not without better subtitles than their official releases offer. No vague “playing music” allowed. Celebrated bad translations will be rejected to avoid arguments over how to improve upon them.

When one of your trees dies you must post about it.

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Mine would have one algorithm, if someone tried to post and that post had anything to do with anything beside a cat doing something cute that post would be deleted before it even hit the server.

If a comment was anything but an equally cute cat that comment would also be deleted before it left the users computer.

And yes, I would be the algorithm deciding what was cute.

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Good Luck With That GIF


Rule #1: No sports in my “news” feed :football: :basketball_man:

at least not just routine game scores JFC who cares


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