Letter to the Editor

If you read the letter, you’d know that he is a perp from before he wrote the letter. The letter just reinforces his perp-a-derp-i-tude.

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Would you like to hold a dead* person responsible for his part first, before the living are held to justice?

Go ahead, flog and or piss on the dead* if you like. Classy!

Is that plain enough?

you can replace the * with 'raped, beaten, torturted, human pyramided, or even just bullied.

Their failures, as perceived by you there in the armchair, do not justify the documented abuse that was the chosen response to their failures.

Stop Justifying Abuse.

we may or may not agree on whether publishing a letter to the editor, written to the editor willingly, is abusive. I guess if the writer is ill, or otherwise incapacitated, then it could be seen as abusive. I guess.

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I sort of miss disemvowelling… Its meaning was clear, and it was a nice stop short of deletion or the ban hammer (or a way station on the road to both, I suppose, depending on the troll). It was also entertaining.


I’d like to think I come in a close second, as my prior bans go back at least to TNH (under a prior username). Been a long while though. Age must do something to a guy.

Why not? It was. You would seem to be equating abuse of power (as in a murdered kid being urinated on post mortem by a bunch of entitled pricks claiming he did something which logically lead to the death part) with mere use of private property (an editor enjoying the use of the free press he owns).


He was a pretty good poster boy for the title of “brutally oppressive mod” though…

Exactly. That they’re conflating victim-blaming the dead or a victim of sexual assault with someone who mouthed off on a webforum and got their account banned makes them a very very terrible human being.


They even gave you mod powers! (accidentally, temporarily…)

You might consider upping that age limit a smidge. I’ve passed your arbitrary 40 demarcation, and I definitely consider such Boomer repartee to be poor attempts to conceal implicit racism/sexism.


I believe that resisting arrest by an armed police officer would put my life at immediate risk.

In practice, yes. In theory, it should not.

So we’re in the in-real-world vs in-ideal-world situation…


The last thing this place needs is the Bad News Bears as mods. :wink:

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Oh god, the name antinous is enough to put the chills through you. He was responsible for my temporary ban as well and no doubt many others were a victim of his knee-jerk-reactionaryism. Thing is though i had to chase this up to know why i was exactly banned and once he explained his reasoning and i apologised all was well and i was allowed back in the sandpit but i think second on the list of things forumites are guaranteed to be pissed off about, just below getting the ban stick in the first place, is censoring with no explanation, no comeback, nothing, just left to stew in your own juices. But so what, right, it’s not our sandpit anyway. Well sure but don’t expect that to pacify those who have had comments get eaten for what they genuinely feel justified in saying, in those tricky grey areas of trolling anyway not the outright nasty stuff. I have done a very limited amount of forum moderating myself and it’s a pretty thankless task.

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@beschizza is certainly Tanner Boyle. I give @teapot Kelly Leak.

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You’re of course. I think I’m just noticing it done by practitioners who lack any finesse.

Somewhere upwards of 60, maybe. Even to people my age, it’s pretty damned obvious. The term “political correctness” that “political incorrectness” pushes against came about as way for more conservative elements of my parents’ generation to slag the more vociferous liberal elements of mine, and I’m fully a Boomer. If it had occurred to anyone to use “Social Justice Warrior” back then, I’m sure they would have.

It’s, of course, never cut-and-dry: my generation wasn’t monolithic, and we certainly carried forward and expanded the concerns of our parents’ generation (both liberal and conservative). The younger generations are no more monolithic than we are, and, in general, they’re carrying on the same sorts of expansion: no generation exists in a vacuum. In general, people who lay claim to “political incorrectness” know what they’re really doing, and my own experience is that it hasn’t been limited to my generation.


That ain’t deserve, so I’ll take that as a realization of that, or the meaning of deserve, on your part. In any case, it is good you realize either literally or pedantically that none of that stuff = deserves to be shot to death.


If I believe that resisting arrest by an armed police officer would put my life at immediate risk… what do I deserve if I do it anyway?

A felony charge for resisting arrest?