Lev Grossman's The Magician's Land


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It must be weird having siblings in the same line of work as yourself, I’m glad me and my brothers are all happily doing different things, otherwise I can imagine slightly more arguing when we meet up.

One of the reasons I got tired of high fantasy in my teens is everything is so conventional. D&D took equal parts Tolkien and Conan and codified them, and from there on out everything was Tolkien and Conan. But I really like the rare exceptions, and this sounds like one.

EDIT - wow, Firefox knows how to spell Tolkien, even when I don’t.

Nice write-up Cory, thanks. I look forward to reading this.

A nitpick: Classifying “nearly all” fantasy stories as coming-of-age tales seems to be painting with an overly broad brush.

About one word too wide, eh what?

Quentin Coldwater is one of the least likable protagonists in fantasy fiction, and slogging through 400+ pages of adolescent angst, anxiously hoping for his agonizing death, remains the most excruciating experience in my literate life. Reading Twilight’s got nuthin’ on this.

I’m guessing you haven’t read his ‘Codex’ then? That book wins my prize for the vastest gap between published reviews and actuality.

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Nope. I very much doubt I’ll be sampling anything by Mr. Lev Grossman again. It’s one thing to know that somebody is a fundamentally inept writer, but quite another to see a (potentially) talented writer choose to write terrible books.

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