Levis launches Pokemon-themed fashion line

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Isn’t Pokémon ancient history? The TV series was over 20 years ago.
(looks on wikipedia)
Dear God! they have 23 seasons and over 1000 episodes.

Honestly I was surprised that a lot of these franchises are still around. I was shocked when my friend’s kid got into playing Magic the Gathering. I started and quit in High School over 25 years ago. I sold the few Beta limited cards I had and traded away all my early Unlimited cars for some out of print D&D books.


I went through this exact train of thought recently when my daughter got into Pokemon. I had no idea idea it just kept running (and running and running and running).

It’s a fun show, but I died a little at the thought of having to go through 23 seasons of the show. Luckily, her interested died out after maybe 2.5 seasons.


I’m pretty sure my 7 year old has been watching all the various iterations in reverse. He’s just recently made it back to the Ash / Misty / Brock lovely 4:3 era. Thank you Covid lock down, Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu for enriching my son’s life. I don’t think he realizes it’s an actual game though, so I’m grateful for that.

He looked at me and said, “Dad Team Rocket is only on the old episodes. You know like when were a kid.” I got mildly offended and said, well I’m older than that. But 25 years does put it squarely in my teenage years.


Also I have to point out, what used to be a solid 30 min predesignated time slot has turned into an 18 minute random slot of your choice. I’m conflicted if that’s a good thing or not. I love being able to watch TV with the wife at night and not fall asleep due to commercial breaks, but I hate the fact my kids have no idea what non-on demand TV looks like. Plus their poor brains can’t handle commercials due to under exposure. And don’t even get me started on Youtube…(yeah just go ahead and insert old man joke here.)

And just to keep it on track with the fashion line post.
I’m pretty sure rule 34 has been working with Pokemon for the last 20-ish years. I don’t know what makes now the best time to make a fashion line out of it, but whatever.

Well, as a pedantic Millennial Pokémon fan, I have to point out that Pokémon is not a TV show franchise. The anime series and all other facets of Pokémon are secondary to the core 25-year-old Nintendo GameBoy/DS/3DS/Switch RPG series, from which the franchise began. They’re still producing the games, and the games are still really good!


Consume, nerds.

I remember when it was a collectible card game. And I have Pokemon Red that I would play on my GBC pocket to kill time as 20-something when that stuff was new-ish.

I think Pokemon is ALL of these things. It’s a whole franchise bigger than the individual pieces. But story-wise, I think the anime fleshes out a lot. Or at least it’s easier for the casual viewer to digest than all the games.

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There is still a large group of people playing Pokémon Go also, me being one of them.

It’s an acquired taste, I think.

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You feelin’ okay, Floss?

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