Liberal Tears




Why does Senator Stockman hate America so much? Tearing food from the mouths of the children of America’s defense contractors by buying cheap commie guns? For shame…


Perhaps the US based defense contractors have…UNIONS. So adherence to the gospel of free markets requires them to buy from manufacturers who can pay the peons what they’re REALLY worth…(nearly nothing) /vicious sarcasm.


If you separate the joke from all the damage that AKs do to the human condition, it’s kinda funny. Kind of like a well-told Holocaust joke, or a pun about slavery.


If you think this is offensive, you should see the methods they use to extract tears from liberals at the factory.


It’s not torture until the UN derides you for doing it! And who listens to those hippies, anyways?


He apparently lubricates his weapons with tears, so those taking food from the mouths of babies makes sense.


guns and lube, yep thats Texas.

why is america always shoving things down his throat, amirite?


The crazy thing is, this plays great for his base.

“I lubricate my freedom with the sorrow of parents who’s children were gunned down at school!”

audience explodes in cheers


‘Compassionate Conservatism’ is for RHINOs and squishes.


What’s the significance of the spring thing being sold on Amazon?


More evidence of right wing stupidity from the USA, WOW!

Why is BoingBoing posting this? its not the dumbest thing ive seen right wingers do, not that funny, shrug, this is a pretty boring post actually.


I took it as Rob’s sardonic followup to his pointing out in the post that salty tears will rust metal springs, rather than lubricating them, thus calling for replacement (all of which points out the inaptness of the “Liberal tears lubricate my guns” metaphor).


Because it’s there.


Liberal tears? Pffff. Any wise gun owner knows that the best tears are sourced from the family members of school shooting victims. Even today, Newtown, CT and Aurora, CO are still producing some of the freshest tears on the market.


Silly hippies, always caring about youthful murder victims and their families.


Just to point this out, BB is a personally run blog - it’s not here for your amusement. If you find it wonderful great, if not there are other blogs.


Obviously this is a left wing conspiracy and a trap. Clearly these are tears of joy from knowing that anyone using them as lube is going to rust the bejesus out of their gun.


From a purely comedic standpoint, it is kinda funny.


who cleans or lubricates AK’s? They were built to be reliable in any conditions. Heck, I heard they dug up recently deceased Mikhail and put him back to work too. THAT reliable.