Library where you can check out dead animals

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And there are literally thousands of libraries where you can check out Flaubert’s Parrot.

Libraries already offer dead animals?!? Now what am I supposed to do with all the dead animals I’ve been collecting in my basement???


Better return them–I’ll bet your late fees are piling up.


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Late fees for late bees? Late fleas?

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It’s been my experience in the library field that Calvin’s apprehension and fear are shared by a wide margin of library visitors. And the academics, again in my experience, are the worst. They tear up books, write in them, spill food in them (and don’t clean it up, remove it, or even tell anyone), and worst of all, do all those things but never return any of the books they’ve checked out. Professors that hoard books…that’s definitely a thing.

Well, they bring disease, which we must not appease. Now pay your fees, please.


My God this is like Borges meets Cronenberg!

From dead trees to dead animals. Libraries truly are evolving. Lemme know when they have dead humans.

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Can one check out this book?

LA County Natural History museum has had a similar program for some time.

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I hope there’s a taxiderpy (bad/weird taxidermy) department. That would be a delight.


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