Why these libraries welcome the bat colonies that live among the books


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Ah, so the pagelings now have aerial support*. Excellent! I’m guessing the guy on the far right is commander of the airborne division.


ETA: oops. I forgot they can transform into paper airplanes. Man, that was a fun ep.


That is just so cool!


“…they still use fabric made from animal skin, imported from Imperial Russia, to cover the original 18th-century tables, protecting them from scat left by the library’s flying residents.”

So, “scat” when we like the bats, and “shit” when we don’t.


I liked bats, was okay with having some living in a small void on the outside of my house.

Then I learned about bat bugs, which were able to find their way inside, even though the bats could not. The void in question has been sealed up. No more bats.


This is hilarious. We have a book that my kids love called “Bats at the Library” and this will make their day!


Yeah, and so where does all the guano go?


That is Gormenghast as fuck


Surly one of tnose bug zappers would be as effective with fewer side effects?


As an, umm, ‘indoor gardener’, I love me some bat shit. Shreds sciarabid fliy gizzards and promotes growth. it’s good shit, man.


In the “Political Science” Section, filed under “Trump”.


That’s cruel to bats. :wink:


The librarians never need to buy fertilizer for their gardens, that’s for sure.


Bug zappers are not cool. Scholarly bats living in the library are cool. Librarians are cool. Therefore, librarians are going to go with the bats over the bug zappers.


That’s bat shit crazy.




Hey, were you guano read that or can I?


Crazy idea here: maybe close the windows instead so the bugs can’t get in?


But, then. how would the bats get out? :roll_eyes: