Do not let the cat into the library


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We need pics of Max… NOW!


The instagram (apparently):


So what they’re saying is…


Why that sweetie is not allowed in to get skritches from the patrons boggles me.


Guess they haven’t heard of Dewey Readmore Books


They should absolutely let Max in the library.


tl;dr. something about cats?


Reason #4927 to not own a cat…They cannot go in libraries.


It’s already a children’s book!


Some cats might be well behaved, but some cats will shred paper and piss on things. Max might be a sweetheart, with a penchant for destruction.


Sad reasons why cats are not allowed in our library:
People with allergies.
They shed. Madly.
Fleas (even though we treat our home cats regularly, they still sometimes get an unwelcome guest.)
Penchant for destruction (peeing on books, chewing, paper shredding)
Small children who don’t treat the kitty nicely. All it takes is one warning swat, and Mommy or Daddy will want to string the cat up by its own entrails.
Big children who don’t treat the kitty nicely (Oops, I didn’t mean to drop that book on the cat. Heh.)
Litter box patrol, also feeding, also vet care, and who is responsible for it.
There are more, but those are the primaries I can come up with.


Looks like a police sketch of Grumpy the Cat.



My neighbor’s cat “Buddy” was the most laid back, friendly and unafraid cat around. He would follow you into your apartment and just hang out (food or not), and someone finally had to put up a sign warning folks to keep him out of the laundry room, because he would relax in any open dryer or washer. God forbid if you left a pile of warm dry clothes sitting out.



Just not that library. Your reasons are invalid.



there are 12,937 reasons to not own a cat. And counting.