Dogs are smarter than cats, but raccoons are off the charts crafty


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Never under estimate a Trash Panda, never…



As I am trying to write this post my cat has walked all over the keyboard, and bumped me with his head about 10x looking for attention. Cats are bigger assholes than dogs.

I dunno, sounds like the human here is the one being a diva :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Biggest lie in the world: Raccoon-proof garbage bins.


I saw a raccoon / trash panda roll a joint in hurricane like winds, we got hella high too.


My parents use bungie cords to keep the lids shut on theirs and it works fine. Your mileage may vary elsewhere i suppose.


Are you sure you weren’t tripping at the time?

I can definitely see them trying to do it. We all know the tree rats are secretly controlling the world. So its not a big stretch


Takes 5 bungie cords to keep my trashcans closed to raccoons. They still toss the can around my driveway like a rag doll, it just doesn’t open. 4 bungies and they can peel it open.


Wow, my parents use one or two and its effective. But they use large bins too, they haven’t had issues with them tipping them over or anything.


I accidentally caught one while trying to capture a groundhog last year. The raccoon had thrashed the trap over ten feet from it’s previous location. When I came to release him in the AM he looked at me on the way out and I could have sworn his eyes said “Thanks” as he scurried back into the woods.

He’s been back so I don’t think that there are any hard feelings.

Raccoons don’t trash my garden. Groundhogs do. Groundhogs are bastards. Raccoons eat pizza.


Ah, but what would your dog do if it was capable of walking across your keyboard? I bet it would be more assholey than the cat and involve drool.


Besides, they’re awesome !


Where’s he going? To the store to buy food? Clever raccoon!


Are you high now? :joy:


Surprised they don’t chew through them.


snack club


Having watched the locals and those on news from elsewhere there seems to be a difference in how capable they are at getting in based on location and possibly education. I think it was in Toronto that they teach their young how to get in the really big green bins.

Our raccoon just takes our green bin for a walk but is generally foiled by the clasp.


I dunno about that. Some things cats do seem more selfish while dogs will do things to please their masters, but then cats bury their poop while dog owners have to clean up the mess. It’s hard for me to judge who is the bigger asshole, a cat who uses the new sofa as a scratching post, or a dog who chews up your shoes.

Raccoons sort of have opposable thumbs, I wonder how that figures into their intelligence.


So they just have to gnaw through one of them then. :sunglasses:


Oddly they do not chew on the cords. They have chewed on an axel boot and cost me a CV joint.