Do not complain about bodega cats on Yelp


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So why are cats illegal to keep in bodegas? Do the city authorities just like human misery? Or is there a reason?


From the NYT:

“Any animal around food presents a food contamination threat,” said Robert M. Corrigan, a rodentologist and research scientist for the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. “And so that means anything from animal pieces and parts to hair and excrement could end up in food, and that alone, of course, is a violation of the health code.”

Mr. Corrigan did concede that some studies have shown that the smell of cats in an enclosed area will keep mice away. But he does not endorse cats as a form of pest control because, he explained, the bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and nematodes carried by rats may infect humans by secondary transfer through a cat.




If the presence or absence of a cat in a bodega is a proxy measure for the effectiveness of NYC health inspectors, I’m…concerned


It’s for the cat’s protection. They can’t be there because if Trump comes in he’ll just reach out and grab them.*


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Woo, another chance to pimp the bodega cats youtube series!! :smiley_cat::smiley_cat::smiley_cat:


Ah. God, I love New York. This is awesome.


I do agree that if a given rat has any diseases it could very well be passed along to a cat and present a health risk separate from the issue of having a cat around food. But if a store owner kept good records of having their cat’s health checked it may mitigate that risk to an extent, along with good cleaning practices at a given bodega.
I don’t think it’s bad to point out that a cat probably shouldn’t be at a business where food is prepared and served, but i’ve eaten at worse places. Also cats are awesome.


My personal opinion is that you’re more likely to get a disease from a rat or mouse than a cat, so having cats to hunt the rats and mice down is a net benefit.

But someone asked what the rationale is for making their presence illegal, so I provided it.


I know I always feel good about eating food from any place where every single surface has likely been in contact with feline anus.


I would not be concerned about cat anus. The whole world is covered in a thin veneer of shit


PussyGhazi marching on. So sad…


Easy solution to get rid of cats: bring in Trump so he can grab them.


These are not just “bodega cats,” they’re emotional support cats. For the whole neighborhood.


Same reason animals aren’t generally allowed other places where food is sold.


A cat in a bodega that’s selling loose cigs and phone cards? Who cares? But in a deli? No. No. And No.


Ironically, feline anus is probably the cleanest thing there.


beats bodega rats


Hell, having people around food presents a contamination threat.