Life goals: Hobo artist lives in subterranean DIY home happily on $5K a year

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Thanks! I really enjoyed watching that.

The thing I hate most about these stories is that the people who live like this never have families/with children. And when they do (rarely), they have high-paying telecommuting gigs.


He’s divorced, but had the two kids with him in the tent for a couple of years. There’s electricity, but no telecommuting. It seemed that he mostly played the hang drum and painted to earn a living.

I don’t think I could swing it quite as sparsely as he does given my situation (mainly thinking of my kids) but this lifestyle is really appealing to me. I wonder if you could scale that house up just a little bit and give the kids an annex. Oh and a kitchen…

A rustic cabin in the woods has been a dream forever - at least during the warmer months. I had one of those propane shower heaters some years back. It’s more a shower warmer - and you absolutely shouldn’t use it in an enclosed area - tons of co2. But -much better than freezing river water. Used it for a few months back then and was quite happy with it. I ended up putting the unit outside and running the water hose inside with a garden hose and an adapter fitting- more work - but more privacy!

Does Gandalph still stop by every now and then to share a pipe?

I really liked her little documentary. It just kept getting better and better.

If his shack got broken into before, why wouldn’t this one also get broken into? Seems the key is to be invisible, like this guy:

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This made me sad… He seems like a lonely guy. I’m going to call my family and friends

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As this individual clearly illustrates, it’s not hard to live like this from a logistics point of view. I imagine he eats very simply, never travels, and his “landlords” (the neighbors that rent out this unused meadow) are accommodating.

For every family that lives a life like this:

There are probably many more that actually live like this:

I don’t think one is more or less happy than the other, though.

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