Lifelock failed to protect users

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I am shocked shocked! The company sounded kinda scammy/slimy when I heard their first commercial so long long ago now. I am actually kinda surprised they are still a going concern.


My name is Dark Helmet and this is the combination to my luggage.


Don’t you mean “President Skroob’s luggage?”

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Probably so. I can’t even remember the combination to my luggage, and it’s 1-2-3-4-5 as well.

His password is PASSWORD


I once worked for a data entry outsourcing company that processed forms for Lifelock. I thought it was crazy that, in order to sign up for this, people were filling out a paper form that included all their credit card numbers and other sensitive information, then mailing this to a third party that paid its employees 50 cents above minimum wage.

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I worked at a hospital doing a lot of data entry (they paid me a living wage, mind you) that gave me 100% unnecessary access to a patient’s billing information. A lot of personal information that I got was relevant. Name? Relevant. Diagnosis? Relevant. Age, sex, admission dates and procedure history? Relevant, relevant, relevant. Billing information, including address? Never needed that information, not in any remote universe of possibility. But I had it all: SSN, DOB, etc. People are remarkably careless with your data, and 90% of what keeps wheels turning is basic human trust, honesty, and a lack of desire to do the wrong thing.


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