Light dancers perform an incredible LED show on 'AGT'

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Nice, but I wantd more close-ups of the judges.


Don’t worry, half of the video isn’t even of the dancing. It’s self indulgent inspiring music while the judges pass verdict. Gotta get those judges and crowd reactions in there.


And those fine cups of fine-fine Dunkin Donuts’ coffee. :+1:


Putting the sarcasm aside, the routine was pretty fun to watch. Not the first time i’ve seen an LED routine but i did enjoy it.


Definitely impressive on multiple levels:

Cool dancing
Impressive programming work
Costume design, both for effect and resilience, it has to be hard to keep lights from detaching and wires breaking or losing contact with all that motion.

I’d love to see a “behind the scenes” exploration of how they actually implemented the lights, programming and control. My guess is there is a ton of the “maker spirit” in there.


This is cool, but I didn’t realize that the Ukraine was part of America now.

Does Putin know?


Yes, all this and another level:
Not bumping into each other in the pitch dark during quick-paced routine!

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They’re basically trying to do the same thing the Jabberwokies did some years back, get enough TV exposure to get gigs. Jabberwokies got big enough that they’ve gone the Blue Man Group route and now it’s no longer the same crew touring but it’s become a brand that other people perform under.

Nice vid

Glad I posted it to G+ last week :slight_smile:

What’s crazy is that this is not the first time Simon has seen them–they auditioned in the 2014 Britain’s Got Talent ( I would have imagined that if you try out in one of the Got Talent shows you couldn’t try out in the others…

Hm. Interesting. My assumption would be that Simon and his company might be keenly aware that most Americans would have no idea about this and would be ok having them perform again. I don’t know what kind of contract or document they sign to perform but as long as everything is in order there’s not much Simon could do, but i’m sure he had no issue with it.

I really enjoyed the performance. It’s still nothing like seeing a random piece of LED art gallop by you in the dark, in the desert while your brain is fuzzy.

That’s actually pretty disheartening to hear, as a classic hip hop fan.
Crews should be like family not corporations; case in point, Rock Steady Crew.

Many new members have been added over the years, but iconic fan favs like Mr Wiggles are still there…

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I dont have a problem with it, they earned their success and if that’s the route they chose to go then that’s only for them to decide if it was worth it. I’ve had friends go see them in Vegas and said they were amazing. It’s not what i would want to see come out of the breakdance scene and have it turned into a faceless business, but it’s worked for them. However there’s other crews out there dancing their asses off and doing cool things so it evens out :slight_smile:

Wow. Russia. Britain. The US.

Those Ukrainians get around!

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