"Like Lord of the Flies": working at the TSA really sucks

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Lately I’d rather eat my internal organs than go to an airport.


Then why is this the first we’ve heard of any problems with TSA?!

(What’s that?)

One moment. Excuse me.

Yes. I’ve been informed that we all knew all of this already. TSA is a shitshow.


Okay, so where’s the guy that’s going to burn it all down?


2 weeks off, less responsibility, and same pay… where do I sign up?


DHS (which coincidentally contains the TSA) is a very close second.


A new report summarizing three years of ______ from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee

Place your bets… place your bets!

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If every member of the public I deal with every day actively hated me and wished I would disappear, my morale wouldn’t be too great either.

Roger That! I hate going there even to drop people off or pick them up - even that costs an arm and a leg and is under the watchful eyes of armed police (and this is UK!)

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Also, the job that they do is overwhelmingly symbolic. The people that they catch are mostly idiots who forget they have a gun. Oh, and they do catch 5% of those auditing the system.

Edit: We owe our safety to covert e-surveillance and human intelligence gathering. The FBI does catch or obstruct the occasional terrorist - we don’t know for sure because they don’t release the info (not surprising, and quite appropriate.) They are also EXPERTS at finding disillusioned young people, giving them the info they need to create a bomb, and egging them on to DO SOMETHING with it so they can be arrested and have their lives completely ruined.

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