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Not to be anti-cop or anything… but this is just typical gross male behavior in any role that has males in authority over other people.

Half the asshole bullies where I went to elementary and high school are now cops. And I went to my 15 year reunion and they didn’t change much.


I work with doctors. Surgeons.
Trust me, TSA has nothing over them.

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Except that the vast majority of surgeons, even if they’re misogynist pigs, actually do a job that has a real benefit to society. Whereas TSA agents are doomed to being actors in our national fetish with security theater.


Am I the only one who appreciates that OSI, the company that makes those pornoscanners, is actually owned by Deepak Chopra, M.D.?

Namaste, Y’all!


Fine. But they are absolutely disgusting people to be around. Talk to some of their secretaries. They’ll tell you the same thing.

Wait… what? You mean this Deepak Chopra?


Aww, crap. Looked like a current pic of the other Deepak Chopra (who usually uses totally shopped images of himself).
They do look quite a bit alike, though - the cleft chin thing in particular…but nope. This one’s an electronics guy.

Darn. Well - you can still get your doshas all in good shape, go get down with some serious oil-pulling, and think positive and stuff.
Because, they also own a couple of biomedical device concerns. And, you just know that if DHS says it’s ok, pornscanners have still just got be all kinds of happy, humanistic machines, right?


I’m with you there, truly. Sexist, misogynistic, MCPs (Male Chauvinist Pigs) are not excused by doing good work. I was just bashing the easy target of the TSA because they totally don’t do any good work at any time.


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