Pornoscanner lobbyist's new job: overseeing TSA spending


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Don’t worry, the Supreme Court told me quid pro quo corruption isn’t a problem.


Don’t worry, this was a fictional ‘security breach’ to scan for from day one. This existed only to sell scanners, there was never an actual need for them. Profit > all other concerns.


I opt out and get the personal pat down if I have time to kill. Otherwise, in the scanner with my hands over my head I very subtly and slightly separate my middle fingers away from the rest of their friends so as to gently give the finger – in a “he may have been giving us the finger but maybe not - I dunno hard to tell” way. It makes me feel better about it all.


Once I voted for someone who said he would end this kind of revolving door industry/regulator nonsense.


this sort of thing is why i seem to need to increase my meds every few years ~ kinda like , for the sake of imagination ; as if a chief executive investor type of a war support firm could be in a position of great influence over how and whether and when wars were fought ; or if a general or equivalent civil service could be hired by the firms that they used to oversee or purchase from ; or judges taking kickbacks from private for profit jails ; or , ahhh dang it , now i got to meditate again ~ om , same as it ever was , om , water flowing under ground ( other issues may apply , please consult with a professional , your mileage may and will vary , offer void where other advertisements for medicines are not allowed on the telly , please tell your shaman about ALL of the chants and mantras that you may be using )


It’s only corrupt if it happens in other countries.


People with these jobs tend to go back and forth, from what I’ve seen - lobbyist to gov’t to lobbyist to gov’t. That’s how pumps work too. It’s not unlikely that Romig’s next job will be with Rapiscan again, and it will come with a lush pre-agreed “hiring bonus.”


Umm why is the picture of the pornoscanner the picture of one of the xray machines that our luggage go through? There’s two to choose from and easy enough to find with a simple image search and yet somehow you still got it wrong.


fox, meet henhouse, henhouse, meet fox.


Doesn’t this mean that the proverbial door has completed a full revolution?

If memory serves; Mike ‘Rictus Skull’ Chertoff went from midwifing the unnatural birth of the TSA to(after a few mostly inglorious adventures) serving as a lobbyist for the pornoscanner guys.

Now they are completing the parasite’s life cycle by contributing an organism back to the TSA. The circle of life is complete, and the door ready to revolve again.


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