TSA transparency activist seeks injunction against mandatory full-body scanners


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I have consistently opted out of being scanned. The frontline TSA staffers, to their credit, have until now been really good with my refusals. It seems that might be about to change … forcefully.

Cue curiously prescient Mitchell and Webb, http://youtu.be/bwAioN2mtsA


The TSA is all about transparency.

Hence, the pornoscanners.


but you can’t get much more transparent than those scanners? maybe those x-ray glasses they used to sell in the back of comic books.


They no longer use the porno-scanners. I believe they got rid of them two or three years ago.


FYI, info on my PI/TRO motion is on my G+ post — that will be kept updated.

All my litigation filings are available here; the injunction was filed in Sai v Neffenger, No. 15-2356, 1st Cir. See doc # 00116936648.

Court clerk said DOJ/TSA will respond by Tuesday. Hopefully can shut this down by next week. (That would be extremely fast by appeals court standards.)


Not true. They only got rid of the backscatter version. Millimeter wave scanners are still in most airports as the primary screening method — and per the new rule, will sometimes be mandatory.


But when will it be mandatory for them? The TSA keeps trying to let me through, no matter how much I insist on the full-body scan.
Frankly, their lack of commitment to seeing my doodle takes all the fun out of flying.


But pornoscanner was referring to the OSI machines (rapiscan?). Those were the ones that made a nude-looking image. The scanners in use now don’t do that and so I don’t think they are called pornoscanners.


“Nice underwear!”



:heart: You are a modern hero. Keep after it. Your sacrifice will help us all. (Except me, I won’t get on a plane after 9/11).


That’s not going to help you for long. TSA is already expanding to trains, busses, and highways.


I can’t speak for anyone else, but “Millimeter Wave” doesn’t exactly make me think pornography.

Well, maybe Seahorse Porn. (SFW)


I only use one of those things. Still, it’s terrible.


Deployed soldiers often have fun with thermal camera footage from drones. Which looks in such cases like rhytmically moving blobs of grayscale pixels.


I so wish the person doing this wasn’t well known crazypants Sai.


We fight with the army we got, not with the army we want.


Speak for yourself.


Al, personal disagreements five years ago do not “well known crazypants” make. Try to be a bit more excellent.