Security researchers buy pornoscanner, demonstrate how to sneak in guns & bombs


I can’t see the gun, but I can totally see his junk. So I guess the scanner is working.


Well, time for Rapiscan or another security contractor to come up with Pornoscan2 to replace Pornoscan1 at a cost of several billion dollars and thousands of hours of retraining. Tune in next year for the busting of Pornoscan2, the introduction of Pornoscan3, and the infinite profit and growth of the security complex.


What did Chertoff know, and when did he know it?


I think that is an EXCELLENT question. Hmmm. Tested in secret. Check. Private firm. Check.
inability to have FOIA requests because it’s “national security” AND not government.Check and Check.

How about a lawsuit suing rapidscan for profiteering? They effectively ripped off the Federal government for selling a product that didn’t work. We the people want our money back.


So how is this not child porn when a kid walks through?


Are they using these instead of a metal detector now, or in series with one?

Not really a surprise considering the only job of the scanner was to sell security scanners…
Pretty much the crown jewels level example of security theatre…

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This costs a great deal more whilst being utterly useless, perfect for security-theatre…

I even went through one not that long ago, and I can’t recall whether there was a metal detector as well

I think that we should sue RapidScan on behalf of the federal government in a qui tam case.

From legal discovery we could learn a lot, like ”What did Chertoff know and when did he know it?” Two years ago the incompetence of the company could be hidden by national security concerns, but now the product isn’t used anymore in airports. This company, and Chertoff, defrauded the federal government. We paid for a defective product. Shouldn’t we get our money back?

Rapidscan Systems will still try to evoke national security and not divulge “methods and practices” on the Rapidscan 1000, but we will say the issue is moot since it is not used by the TSA anymore. I’m sure there are 17 good reasons it’s not feasible to bring this case, but for 30% of a billion dollars those reasons might be overcome, don’t you think?

I wrote about it here, and how we can use this to help get tanks out of smaller cities too.

Defective X-Ray Pornscanners. You Can See Sideboobs But Not Sidearms

There are no metal detectors. Kids go through metal detectors (now – the rules have been amended). if you opt out, you don’t go through a metal detector, you just get the “don’t touch my junk” pat-down.

They did make some changes to the terahertz machines that they are currently using to make them better able to detect stuff taped to one’s side. They also seem to have altered practices somewhat – they will pat you down after the scan (in my case, the outside of my legs) I assume based on the image screener seeing any sort of image artifact.

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