Like Uber but for shipping stuff: startup Shyp raises $50 million



This is good, 'cuz y’know, those delivery drivers have the market locked up and they make so much money and…

I live in London, UK. Major global city (some say). Delivering parcels? Holy cow, expensive, hard, time consuming.

If someone could provide me a reasonably priced, easy and accessible (evenings!) way of sending / receiving, I’d be one happy chappy.

Uber wouldn’t be profitable if they didn’t illegally misclassify their employees as independent contractors, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to lose the class action suit on that one. It sounds like Shyp uses the same business model (including bizarre spelling.) Screwing the workers usually makes a business more profitable… but it has Smart Phones, so it’s Awesome!



What do they have in place to prevent people from using patsies to deliver drugs or bombs?

I suppose I could ask the same thing about Fedex, but at least a Fedex employee isn’t likely to be Gitmo’d for doing his/her job.


How about just letting UPS and USPS drivers accept packages without having to schedule and pay for a pick up like in the days of yore.

I wonder if uber is going to join in. One app update to add a ‘delivery’ option could make the new players shyp themselves.

So would it be better that Uber don’t exist and then the uber employees would not be classified as employees at all?

Yes, absolutely. Then the void in the market would quickly be filled with traditional taxicab companies, which are required to obey actual laws. Not that they’re perfect, but there’s some oversight at least.

Because, you know, laws… ne’er an unintended consequence to be found.

I don’t see your point at all. Laws have unintended consequences, so… Repeal them all? Break them at will?

Just that I think these sort of issues should be discussed on their merits, not with appeal to laws. The ethics of employment law are much murkier IMO than one might think superficially, and is an area particularly rife with unintended consequences.

Thank you for protecting my right to be exploited!

Or, maybe they could treat their employees well? Radical notion, I know, treating human beings well, as opposed to means to enrich themselves…

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