Lil Nas X covers "Jolene," gets nod from Dolly herself

Dolly Parton, an American Icon. Thank you Dolly we need you more everyday.


Didn’t care for it that much, he has a great voice but just didn’t like it.

It got me thinking if there was a good cover that I like, oh my, it’s been covered a million times. I do like Miley’s cover but in my search this one showed up and I think it’s a new favorite.

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I never much liked MIley Cyrus’ own music, but I could listen to the covers she does all. day. long.

Here’s a good list of some of her greatest covers:

which oddly enough doesn’t include Landslide, which is amazing, and for which she needs to read the lyrics on her phone but nails it anyway:

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I’m kind of the same way. Her Final Four show a few months ago with some Queen covers was really good and I’m a huge Queen fan so covers of their music need to be flawless or I give it a thumbs down.

On another side note, back when she was Hannah Montana a friend of mine, through Make A Wish, took his daughter to meet her on the set. I got to edit all his video and photos. Miley was great with the kids and really seemed into it.


I love hearing that kind of thing.

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It goes without saying that Dolly is pure awesome… but can we just talk for second how much the man mentioned in the infamous song is a POS?

I mean, we get it that Jolene is a red-headed bombshell who can ‘have her pick of men,’ but the heartfelt plea to her makes it seem like the guy himself is utterly incapable of resisting temptation or saying “no.”

Which begs the question; if a man is so quick to cheat with the next ‘hot chick,’ is he even worth all the effort?

Sorry, I tend to wax philosophical when I toke…


It definitely needs a follow up where Jolene and the narrator get together over coffee and both realize they can do better.

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