Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tony Awards sonnet for the Orlando shooting victims


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They also ditched their prop rifles for their performance. Which I appreciate, but it was a little odd since they were performing “The Battle of Yorktown” which is a) a battle and b) half the lyrics are about guns.


I think it worked to great effect. I’m sure they could not have changed which number they were going to perform due to the many intense aspects of producing a large show such as the Tony’s. You definitely notice that they are miming holding guns, which came off as rather chilling to me.


Yeah, it made the lyric about “take the bullets out yo’ gun” stand out all the more, I think, because they so obviously were not holding guns.

Edit: They dropped a rehearsal video a couple of days before which made it look like they’d be performing “Wait For It”, so I was a little surprised it was “Yorktown” at all.


We need 100% more Lin-Manuel Mirandas in the world and less [fill in the blank with too many to name].


I truly appreciated that, it’s been a rough few days. Thankfully we have good people to point us toward the light, a very needed reprieve from the hate.


Couldn’t do it.


Yes, between that and Ken Burns’ speech at Stanford it’s nice to see eloquent expressions of basic human decency and compassion from artists whose work stands as proof of their love and affection for American ideals.


yep, tears over here as well. so touching on so many levels.


My… something just flew into my eyes.


What did we do to deserve Lin? And can we do it about a million more times, please?


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