Lincoln Memorial, 2013, Anon

Girl At Party: Dude, you can’t just start a slow clap at any time and
expect everyone to join in. You have to wait for the right moment.

Guy At Party: Oh, okay… But h-how will I know when its the right moment?

Girl At Party: Oh don’t worry, you’ll know


My slow clap was intended to be a slow clap in an otherwise quiet room. A slow clap of disdain that makes it awkward for everyone.

OMG you guys suck!

And yet there it is, crawling across him, slithering toward his magisterial tumescence.

Oh, Rob, you scamp!

It == you?

Rob must have found a way to bottle and monetize the whoosh.

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Weaponized Whoosh

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Rob, you’re my favourite.

The click counter makes it so much better.

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