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When I see a discarded penny on the ground, I pick it up, because the man deserves better.
(That said, pennies and $1 bills need to be retired.)


God, I found that incredibly hard to read. Next time, can you get your point across in a way us mortal humans can understand?


This post is satire, right? Or was it written by a Junior in college who just learned what half these words mean?


I dunno, this was my favorite source covering the story.


bullshit. some idiot squirted paint on a sculpture.


That is some self consciously pretentious post modern bullshit right there. Someone got an “A” in Lit Crit Honors!


Purple Prose is in fashion. And a thesaurus can never be overworked such a short article.


He’s on the five, remember? XD


Wow. If the majority of these responses lack the sarcasm of Rob’s OP then we have a serious bunch of noobs chiming in today.




I’m a chiming noob! I think the Linc is awesome. What I’d LOVE to see is our country living up to his legacy instead of ossifying ourselves into a corporatist litigious media-whored land of violent milquetoasts. Which is what we are. A bunch of friggin’ ninnies except for a tiny minority of thoughtful people who make this life worth living.


You’ve just been Punk’d!


Art review of the year! What an excellent way to add to what might have otherwise been a fairly mediocre news piece!


Nothing will ever match “Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity”


When I first skimmed over your review, and saw glimpses of paint on the memorial, and saw the act attributed to anonymous, I had hoped that this was an act of vandalism on a national scale, a statement about the loss of personal privacy in our nation. I was sorry to see that there was no explicit message, that no one had written out the shame our former national leaders, the ones we have immortalized in marble, would feel knowing how our rights have been eroded by the NSA. I want to see someone vandalize our holy shrines of patriotism, and I believe that Washington being our national stage, it is the most effective place to rebel.


And that policeman using flash photography, not best practices there, it may degrade the materials used in the instillation. Have people no respect these days?


Please send me all your unwanted pennies and $1s.


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It’s bullshit. I went to art school and half the students lived and breathed it. I want my 30 seconds back. I was expecting it to break into some other sort of commentary so read the whole time. There’s a point to the framing of the article, but it’s not very deep, meaningful, or entertaining and anyone in their second semester of college should be able to do the same.

Slow Clap Mr. Beschizza, a completely sarcastic slow clap. Please don’t waste our time on this sort of thing from now on.