Lincoln Project shows us America's grim future if Donald Trump gets a 2nd term (video)

How about you join decent human beings in trying to keep Biff out of the White House so that none of those things happen?


… and yet in today’s hyper-mediated world, that has somehow morphed into, “we offer you an exciting spectacle of other people’s struggles, dangers, and deaths” :thinking:


Along with the vicarious thrill of feeling that you are doing something important and heroic.


A quarter of those things happening would still be a dictatorship where people lost a shit ton of their rights. It would be awful to try to live under.


If we get to the point where these things are happening, your dietary habits will not be among my worries. I would ask what the fascist asshats have done to suggest that they would hesitate to do any of these things? SCOTUS just gave them the tools to create an imperial presidency answerable to no law. What exactly stops them?


In 2016, many of us warned that electing Trump would put Roe v Wade in danger. We were told we were overreacting. Roe was settled law!

I am sick and tired of people dismissing my concerns that a fascist can take over the United States, that Trump is that fascist, and that it absolutely can happen here. “But there are guardrails!” I hear. The Supreme Court just removed many of them.

I know one way to absolutely guarantee that none of the predictions in that video come true, and that is to ensure that the first one doesn’t come true. Vote for Biden.


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