Lindsay Lohan is Lawyerdotcom's new exclusive spokesperson


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Main link on front page is Borked.


Yeah i’m get a 404 too


Also Lohan is not the best choice i would imagine:


FP link to​lindsay-lohan-is-lawyer-com.html
Actual content at


It’s too bad she didn’t kind of “freeze” at Mean Girls Lindsay Lohan.




Has she always had that pack-a-day voice?


Fixed, thanks for the heads-up.


Ever since they changed to Dr L
oh no the Disqus or my louche is counting half-em space as non-URI resolved…it is as bad as that time the Austin Police painstakingly recreated ‘Heathers’ but made it a local automotive felony.


I had no idea she was even still alive. I thought I heard she died from an od or something. Huh. Funny world.



I guess porn didn’t pan out…


raise’s awareness

I guess they mean “raise (public) awareness of”.
Hiring her doesn’t say much for’s awareness.


I know what you mean; I was waiting for the inevitable “LL found dead in cheap motel bathroom” headline. Still not sure if I would classify this as a comeback though - more of a “slightly better move than past moves” thing, really.


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