Lindsey Graham encourages civilian casualties in Gaza

A lot of the people who were actually there were vaporized. Did you talk to any of the ones there who weren’t?


Okay, so it appears that you have talked to them. What did they say?


To add insult to injury - which is really saying something! - he and his ilk are the same ghouls shamelessly feeding tax payer dollars into the maw of the military industrial complex for the ongoing development of newer and ever more capable weapon systems. Which, one would think, after how many decades and trillions of dollars later, would mean far more nuanced utilization and targeting them, I dunno, atomic bombs last used in WWII. But nope, not a consideration at all! And don’t for a minute think these a$$hats really care about Israel, it’s all political posturing to make Biden look weak/bad/ineffective so their guy/traitor/wanna be dictator Trump can get elected again. Utter madness.


As a veteran myself, I quite assure you that the leadership that ordered the destruction in question did not in any way consider the opinion of an 18 year old radar tech. So it doesn’t matter if you do ask “some people who were actually there” what should have been done. They were in no position one way or the other to make that call.


My father actually fought in the Pacific Theater during the second world war, in the US army. So, you know, :person_shrugging:

Not sure where I said such, unless we’re talking about America’s war crimes, in which case I feel pretty confident in declaring that they most definitely should have not done that.


Or to remotely have any idea of what the fuck was even going on. Especially an 18 year-old radar tech still sitting in the US.


In their minds the inhabitants of Gaza are not humans, or at least less human than them

Once you cross that mental barrier, anything is justifiable


Aside from its other failings; Graham’s statement involves some terrible WWII history.

The US position in WWII was never one of existential risk(barring some The Man in the High Castle-type alternate-history speculation involving Axis victories in Europe and the Pacific so dramatic that they found launching immediate invasions of the continental US both desireable and practical; which is…tenuous); and he just slides neatly from late 1941 to mid 1945 as though absolutely nothing of strategic note had happened in that time and the US Pacific Fleet was still burning at the docks when the 509th Composite Group was dispatched.

Certainly a convenient elision; but not an honest one.


I believe some other players wouldn’t stay quiet, Just sitting out of the field if an atomic bomb was dropped in Gaza.

Then, who would be the next to use a nuke? The Saudis?

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By Israel?

I have little doubt that that’s a wet dream for Bibi, but the impact would be too great on Israel. It would probably also render the land useless for Israeli thieves “settlers.”


We were not at threat of destruction when we bombed Hiroshima. V-E day happened months before. The Japanese were defeated and withdrew to Japan.

Col. Graham (ret) should know this.


That’d be like DetroIt nuking Windsor, except there is a river in between DetroIt and Windsor.


I’m not saying we should do this…but I’m also not saying we shouldn’t.

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That would be funnier if that topic wasn’t an actual ongoing genocide.


I mean, even the people involved admit as much.


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