Lindsey Graham triples down on Putin assassination comments

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The Russians have sanctioned (among others) the deputy treasury secretary, the White House press secretary and Hillary Clinton, who doesn’t even hold office in the current administration.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Graham stands up and calls for someone to whack their head of state, and they don’t even give him as much as a disapproving frown?

These people are weird.


It’s not exactly a good look diplomatically speaking, but is there anybody who actually disagrees with him?


Tell us Putin has kompromat on you without telling us Putin has kompromat on you.


Whether or not you agree, whether or not the guy’s right, you don’t say that stuff in public. Putin is already obsessed with not ending up like Saddam or Gaddafi. Our best shot at ending the war in Ukraine is to spin things so that he gets to claim some kind of win.


When Lady G turns on you, it gets ugly real fast.


Too bad the President can’t just call up this idiot and tell him to dial it back as we work to an end to this.

And maybe in the past that conversation could have happened but now Graham would be on Fox telling their viewers how the President is trying to cancel him and his free speech constitution blah blah blah.

Thanks last guy for creating this environment.


It’s a miracle!
LG made MTG seem reasonable


Although he could easily turn 180 degrees at any given point, especially if he realizes that even with Putin not being around, Lady G’s dirty secrets can still be released. The GOP’s email server likely also got hacked around the same time as the D’s server was.


in Europe.



Lindsey Graham? Never! He’s on the record here, after all!


Perhaps Putin will invite him over for tea to talk through their differences.


Wow, Lindsey. You’re quite brave to risk your life like that. We know that people who criticize Putin and the Russian government sometimes end up like Alexander Litvinenko or Sergei and Yulia Skripal.


Anyone who understands this war, as unconscionable as it is, is not merely the result of the ire of a single mad authoritarian acting out power fantasies should disagree.


What a great point. Those are not whacky choices - they are moves to gain from polarization that Putin created here, including for decades fomenting a deep hatred of Hillary (“but her emails”). He really knows America. Whoever has hated Hillary surely hates Psaki now too.

Yeah, State Dept treats it as free speech especially coming from the hill. Good point though. Graham is not on the Foreign Relations Committee. Those reps on Foreign Affairs and Foreign Relations on the whole are more tight lipped about, let’s call it “statecraft.” They are the ones who could be talking to him.

ON THE OTHER HAND… it is possible the rest of the gang are being tolerant and even encouraging this to increase Putin’s paranoia if it is thought there is something to gain from it.

As for those chiming in mentioned in the Guardian article, those are mostly high profile self promotors who themselves will want to appear different/better than Graham in 2024. I am sure Marjorie Taylor Greene has for some time wanted to shed the “unhinged” blanket and is quite happy to throw it over Graham.

I don’t know what constituency he’s serving here though. Except, if there is a big fall from grace for Trump Incorporated, Graham can later point to this ridiculous thing to differentiate himself.

I have a contact in Kyiv who is west of the river. They are getting bombed. It is no longer safe to leave his domicile even to walk to the dog and he hadn’t eaten for two days. There are many fears and rumors. One thought is that Putin could gas all of Kyiv because: 1) Rumor that Putin has an incurable disease, 2) being in his own echo chamber, 3) the Russian troops don’t want to be doing this and the ones not defecting are not really fighting, all of which may push Putin into a desperate move. Plus, as mentioned, how he’s had other people killed.

If nukes are leaking or there’s any hint of biowarfare, I am very sure there will be no blowback for directly eliminating Putin, whoever can get the job done in whatever way that keeps everyone from opening the launch code folders. But, yeah, don’t talk about бойцовский клуб.


In the same irresponsible vein.


I’m sorry, I disagree. That’s exactly what it is.


“We are not advocating for killing the leader of a foreign country or regime change. That is not the policy of the United States.”

I feel like that needs an asterisk **

** At this time.


Well, you see, most of us who live in the western world can. That’s called free speech. You don’t like it? Do you live in Russia where you can’t say things like that?

A couple of shots in Putin’s head, preferably by one of his own, and this problem will resolve a lot faster. I’d really rather that happen than let Putin continue to edge towards WW3 and continue to try and bomb Ukraine into rubble that will take decades, if not generations, to repair.