LingvaNex is like Google Translate on steroids. And its abilities are pretty amazing.

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I could imagine this value proposition is incredible, depending on their data collection plan.

From their privacy policy:

Seems harmless enough, but why would you want that data?

Now we’re getting to the meat. Entering any kind of information while using the application or other service. Looks like they’re collecting more data than they are letting on.

Meaning, they are reading and listening to your conversations. I don’t care why. This specifically needs to be opt-in. The google model of rapaciously collecting data, for whatever reason, is more and more untenable by the day. Dear company, if you’re reading and listening to the user’s conversations, the users have a right IMHO to know who is listening, if at all, and to opt out of listening, with the default option being opt-out.

What is your plan for this if a PE firm buys you? Now the ringer:

Now 95% trust has been eliminated. Fuck credit reference. Take my bitcoin for software that doesn’t phone home. This just seems unnecessary. I know there is a lot of impetus to make the company profitable, smart and modern, but there is honor in keeping things private.

Sadly, as with most apps these days, everything you say and do while they’re installed is up for review. I want them to improve their product to the point of Star Trek aweseomeness, but I don’t want the information used against me. Ergo, GIGO, you can’t trust anything you see, and my user agent actively spews Bobby Tables style SQL when you ask for data.


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