Links to Posts on the Death of Rob Ford


This is a meta thread linking to posts related to the death of Rob Ford.

Rob Ford Has Died
Rob Ford, Toronto’s Infamous Mayor, Dead at 46
Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Dead at 46
On the Death of Rob Ford
Did Rob Ford DIe?
Continuing The Discussion from Did Rob Ford Die
Rob Ford Still Dead?
Rob Ford has risen!
Do you get a badge for starting a thread about Rob Ford?

I see Rob Ford

I’m still unclear on what’s happening with the Rob Ford situation.


The Rob Ford Situation being my new band.

What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name




Thank you for providing a link.


Quick reference for Rob Ford posts (Cross-post from On the Death of Rob Ford)…


My word! He’s. Dead.


bloggers were something or another. Reading is fundamental.


Man angrily throws 13 foot Rob Ford at City Council

#Allegedly Dead



@tropo I think my post came first chronology but the dragon merged it into Corey’s post. Since Cory’s hate was greatest I think that’s probably fair.


My link list was supposed to be chronological. Until the dragon eats it, yours will remain on top.


Did somebody steal this?

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