Liquid Wrench's dry lube for doors and hinges lubes doors and hinges well

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In my parents’ house, growing up, the front door was super squeeky. I mentioned it to my father one day, and he said that it was intentional, so that they could hear when I came home. I was the only one old enough to be out in the evening unaccompanied. After all the kids moved out, he fixed it.


Despite some concerns going around on social media, PTFE is probably safe. I prefer similar products which carry the Teflon/Ceflon/whatever in a wax medium. Bike chain lube is the typical product I buy.

And moly-disulfide lube is good for straight metal-to-metal, like hinges. You can get that in motorcycle shops as a lube for control cables. And for cheap, frequentish applications, spray lithium grease is pretty nice. You can get that at most automotive sections.


For squeaky doors, I just use a graphite pencil.

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Graphite lubricant.

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just put animal fat on them if you must

Absolutely this. No replacement is superior for locks, and many will actively gum up the works. It also happens to be 100% non-toxic (although it tastes incredibly foul =x).

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But black and horrible looking. Like old engine oil.

Still too goopy and thus, a grime attractant, and eventually a cutting solution. Graphite is none of those things (although still messy).

For kitchen cabinets, whatever’s handy. Butter, olive oil.

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it’s okay knew an elderly lady that put fat on her wooden windows (when they stuck) cause elderly ladies don’t keep rare earth minerals handy

…was gonna say I have liquid bench… but

There should be no excess with moly lubes. You put on some that dries and you wipe off the excess around the bearing surfaces, or you use a higher concentration grease and rub it into both surfaces, burnish it in, and then wipe of the excess. When you do that, it doesn’t even look like there’s anything there. Of course that doesn’t work on things like hinges or motorcycle control cables. That’s why you use stuff like Dri-Slide, but then (again), you wipe off any excess that’s visible, because it’s not in the area that actually needs lube.

tl;dr - with moly (and most lubricants) people over apply.

This product name should win some sort of award.

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