List of 11 monster museums around the world

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I’ve been to #5 in Portland, ME. It’s very quaint, highly recommend. And though it’s small, it has a mini-version of the museum gift shop. We have a cool glass Bigfoot ornament from there.


This is delightful. Who’s up for a trip to Denmark?

I need to find the time to visit Gévaudan. The Beast has always fascinated me because, unlike almost every other monster story, there is a huge amount of documentary evidence that it existed and none of the explanations are entire satisfactory.

If there is anyone on Boing Boing who has never watched Le Pacte des Loups - it’s heavily inspired by the Beast of Gévaudan, and is definitely the best costume drama martial arts werewolf movie ever made.

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Wow, 4 of them are in the Mid-Atlantic states. I guess some road trips are in order.

I am a frequent visitor to Bunnyman Brewing, not a museum, but a brewery dedicated to a local urban legend (with a basis in fact).

Legend explained here:

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The Danish one sounds awesome. Not much chance of making it there any time soon :frowning:

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