List of cookies


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Aren’t all Wikipedia pages basically their page on OCD but with different words?


Why can’t I sort this list by “Best?”

I need to confirm that chocolate chip is in its rightful place at the top.

#5’s official cookie list:

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Oatmeal raisin, you heretic!


I said I wanted a cookie, not breakfast.


This. This has merit.


It’s nice to see the elderly are getting on the internet.


Only if the word “portmanteau” is on the page.


That makes this the most Wikipedia page on Wikipedia.


It’s definitely high on the list. Speaking of which…


I am saddened that they don’t list the progeny of a Jack Russell terrier and a Shih-Tzu as a Jackshit, but finding out that a spoon-knife combo is called a spife almost makes up for it. Not completely, but almost.


Clicked through for the sole purpose of confirming that the page references itself.


Can we split the difference and have oatmeal chocolate chip? The first time I had one of those was the first time I understood what “best of both worlds” meant.


I want a “Mealy Worms” 'shoop of that box stat! Bonus points for a live-action 'shoop with a catchy jingle.


They didn’t miss anything. They’re not called Mealy Grahams in they UK - sounds like a pretty US brand name to me. They’re Digestive Biscuits.


I made ginger cookies yesterday which are amazing. I had one last night with some Armagnac, and am going to have one in a few minutes with some Assam tea.


What on earth are “Mealy Grahams” supposed to be? You won’t find anything called that in any UK supermarket, nor anyone who would have any idea what you were talking about if you asked. From the picture they look like Digestives, which are the archetypical biscuit. “Mealy Grahams” sounds too much like mealworms; you’d never sell any with such a daft name.


They do have a niche market…