List of dead and worthless cryptocurrencies


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Furrycoin is an obvious fake. If there were a unit of Furry currency, it would be the Yiff.


I see Dogecoin yet lives. Apparently the internet meme-themed cryptocurrency created as a spoof claimed a market cap in the hundreds of millions of dollars earlier this year.


Howver, my Confederate money will rise again!


Along with early 1920s Deutschmarks, no doubt.


I’ll just leave this here.


The only psudocurrency I am looking for is stuff like this:


That coin looks like a challenge.


I see what you did there, but no, it’s just a cheap aluminum one that came with the Power of the Force run, the last Kenner toy release after Return of the Jedi.


A few years ago I got a job offer from a startup creating one of these. The pay was ludicrously low (less than half the market rate) but they tried to talk up the perk that being on the inside, you could get super-rich when these went big like bitcoin.

Just checked their market value. Currently, the total market value of all of the millions of their coins in existence is less than $8,000. By volume of trade, you’d be lucky to be able to move $5-$10 in a day.

I wonder about the people that did take the offer - those that gave up tens of thousands of dollars of salary to make that gamble.


Ah the old, “come work for our startup and you’ll be rich when we IPO” gamble just with a different spin.

I interviewed at places that did this kind of tactic as a hard sell. When I turned down an offer at one place like this, I was asked incredulously, “you mean you mean to tell me you don’t want to be a millionaire?!”

Last I checked, that company, with its fancy offices nestled in a fancy SOMA high rise went bust in epic fashion along with so many others in the early aughts.


I always wondered what kind of a team you could make with people that DO take such offer.


I thought it might be a little more substantial. I’ve got some “collectors” coins that Nintendo packed in special editions and pre-orders that are actually pretty hefty. (I think they actually used the Zelda one as a kind of challenge coin at E3 last year) Anyway it got me to thinking that some of those Stormtrooper Legions have to have challenge coins and boy was I ever right. The 501st has had several.


Bartender, Asspennies for everyone!


In China? All of them.


Cool, I figured there were Challenge coins some where out there with Star Wars on them. Never got into them but they are neat works.


The currency of the Weimar Republic in 1920 was just called Mark, then Rentenmark, and finally Reichsmark. The Deutsche Mark came later.

And given the prices a quick web search showed, I could do with some 1920 Mark bills. sigh

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