List Your Favorite Fabulous Facts of Nature

Here’s a starter: Fleas can jump the equivalent of 66X their body length (perhaps because once a flea realizes where he is, he jumps to get away from flea-world shit).


Like fleas on fleas, hyperhyperparasites have also been observed (specifically, a fungus on a fungus on a fungus on a tree).


In order to maintain air-speed velocity, a swallow
needs to beat its wings 43 times every second.



Male anglerfish have no digestive tract. They hatch as basically a pair of testicles and a nose with a couple of fins.

They must find a female by scent alone and attach to her before they starve. Once attached, their whole body atrophies until they’re a pair of testicles the female uses when she lays eggs.


There’s a display at the Pacific Science Center, in Seattle, that has a demonstration showing that a flea’s jumping ability, scaled up to human-size could jump over the Space Needle.

I wonder if they still have it… It was part of the area around the butterfly house.

They also had a gigantic plexiglass honeybee hive right in the middle of that area with a long tube running under the floor out to the outside. As a child it really helped with my paralyzing fear of bees and stinging insects being able to see them up close but completely safely.


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