Listen: HP Lovecraft's "The Outsider" and "The Hound" read by Roddy McDowall


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Glancing at the thumb nail for the article, I thought it was about a Smiths album.


His voice is perfect for that twee prose. Challenge: find the period at the end of the first sentence!


He did have a lovely sort of Vincent Price Lite delivery.

Whenever I think of Roddy McDowall, the first role that springs to my mind is the Acres from the “Poseidon Adventure”; probably because I found his death so shocking when I saw the film as a kid.


As others have noted, perfect casting for reading Lovecraft stories in particular: his combination of a cultured delivery with an undertone of timorousness and neuroses will work wonderfully.


As a fan of both Lovecraft and Roddy McDowall my reaction can be summed up as:


Yes, a very early Smiths work.


Roddy McDowall will always be remembered by me first and foremost with me as Cornelius, husband of Zira.

But his stint as the Devil on Fantasy Island was also rather fun


i love roddy mcdowell. his character from Bedknobs and Broomsticks cracks me up.


In 1963 I took this album out from the Enoch Pratt Central Library in Baltimore, not knowing what it would be. The Outsider was delicious and intriguing, and the twist worked perfectly on me. I went to the resident weird stuff expert in my house and asked, “Daddy, who was HP Lovecraft?” And there, Reader, it ALL began!


disagree - hard to listen to - too light and lithesome - lovecraft is great but I think it is the one set of stories that sounds better in your own head.


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