Something Wicked This Way Comes

Taking its title from one of the spookiest quotes in all of Shakespeare, Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes is a true classic. First published in 1962, Bradbury’s tale illuminates the damage done when once seeks to reach their dreams unearned. When Cooger and Dark’s Pandemonium Storm Show comes to Green Town, Jim Nightshade… READ THE REST

I should think 6th grade is perfect. We read it on assignment in high school in Connecticut, and at that time I thought to myself – man, I wish I’d read this earlier!


I’ve had this book on my shelf for months now, so I’m thinking maybe I should get on to reading it! Thanks.

DO NOT watch this at work or near children etc:


I would also recommend James Blaylock’s “Land of Dreams”, which has always felt to me like a cross between “Something Wicked”, “Cannery Row”, and pure Blaylock magic.

Blaylock is amazing.

one of my favorites, and while i guess bradbury had problems with the movie, even the movie ranks among my faves for fall viewing. the scene in the library is done so well, and i think mr. dark was just so perfect.

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This is something that calls for people to watch the amazing song by Rachel Bloom. "Fuck Me Ray Bradbury"

Which is embedded four comments above yours.

Well, maybe if the comments were properly threaded, we wouldn’t have this throblem


The creepy Disney version was actually not bad.

I find that TL;DR is a human problem that consistently transcends mere choices like “threaded” and “not threaded”. And at a whopping 11 (now 12) posts is that even germane?

(Also, it wasn’t properly embedded until I edited your 10 hour old post 6 hours ago to make the URL appear on its own line. So that might be another reason someone missed it as “just a link”. Much easier to see and play as an actual embedded video, yes? Anyways, how bout that video, eh? eh?)

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First, there should have been a winky-face by my mentioning “threaded”.

I noticed when it was just a link that it showed the number of clicks. Embedded, it doesn’t show the number of views. Not an issue.

And yes, eh. A damn fine video.

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