Listen: Movits! Swedish dancehall/swing/hiphop jazz

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I’m a pretty big Movits fan, i remember the first time i heard/saw them was when they were guests on the Colbert show on Comedy Central. Didn’t think much of them at the time but i rediscovered them a few years later and became obsessed. Coincidentally i’m attempting to learn Swedish (I have family in Stockholm) so hopefully some day i’ll understand what they are saying lol, but i rather love their style. And some of their videos are subtitled on youtube and they seem to have a lot to say about the current affair of music and other current topics, which is something i respect them for.

I picked up their first album because of Colbert, I need to get this one.

BTW, is there any digital music sales that aren’t DRM free? All the iTunes (sales) are DRM free AAC encoded, I know streaming uses drm now but all the digital sales stopped.

Come to find out, the Colbert Bump is not a big band swing song…yet.

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They remind me a lot of Bristol stalwarts Smerins Antisocial Club.

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