Urban Dance Squad's 'Deeper Shade of Soul' video is much fun

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oh wow, had totally forgotten about this gem. late 80s Dutch hip hop. yes!


They are a great “lost” band in general, IMHO. This album is great, and the one after it too.

I got to see them a couple of times on college tours. Absolutely great live and great fun. Also one of the better and more underrated guitarists that I’ve seen.


Stüssy Charlie Brown shirt. How I wanted you.


This was a staple at my friend’s house for many years whenever we partied in his basement.


18 years old, what a great time … I was just thinking how corny this may/look sound now, but it’s just what I remember - Kinda goofy, groovy, not hostile, good times . With all my teen “I’m eiiiighteeeeennnn!!!” angst I’m glad this was around for a little balance :partying_face:


Signed up just to comment on this! UDS are one of those bands that almost always result in a blank uncomprehending stare whenever I mention them to anyone, so it’s nice to see them get some love. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to dig out some Scat Opera, Mordred, and Bootsauce and relive the good old days when music didn’t suck.


I couldn’t agree more.

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I listened to them because of the hits and stayed for the rest. sought out a live version and they say the lyric “it’s not where your from…” and then they interject “we from Amsterdam!” and I was like WUT didnt realize such funk/soul/punkishness could come from somewhere that is such a stick in the mud!

my wife often feels whitey guilt over the history of her Dutch heritage but whenever that happens I play her some UDS. lawl


my fave hobby is going on WhoSampled and finding the roots of the samples used in hip-hop etc etc.

I find its great to make mega mixes of the whole lineage. everyone here should try the source for the chorus.


Crazy. I had not even thought of this album in at least 10 years and last week I had a hankering to hear it again so I fired it up at work. Still good.

Forgot I owned that album, what a trip. I was in college and with brain fogged up with homework, there was no better antidote than God Blasts the Queen:

Dear listener on the other side of the box. You need a mental floss because your head is full of shit!

I think I discovered them when they opened for Living Colour. Definitely grooved to ‘Fast Lane’ in ‘Pump up the Volume’ movie.

Seems like you just don’t find that sort of genre-bending excitement anymore. Guess I am just too old and jaded.


Yes, yes, yes! Yeah-eh-eh-eh. I remember loving this when it popped up on MTV.

I was 17 when this came out. It looked like they had too much fun making that video. And you’re right, it was just goofy, groovy stuff that made people feel good. A slice of life from a different time.

Love this song, the album was kinda meh for me.

I do like Rudeboy, though. He was on some of Junkie XL’s albums.

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Holy moly I had totally forgotten about them. Such a great song and fun vibe.

I had the single for this song, on cassette! I wonder where that tape is now.

I had the cassette single, with “Hitchhike Hi-D” on the B-side- great stuff!!


I remember reading about them in the print version of the Trouser Press guide. This would’ve been mid-90s. It sounded like something I’d have dug, but I couldn’t find anything by them at the time and gave up… Never completely forgot about them but had moved on to other things, I guess.

video won’t play on my end, but no matter, I’ve got the 12" in the crates.
saw them open for Living Colour at the Vanderbilt basketball area, must’ve been 90 or 91. great show, got the albums and singles, really loved both groups. struck up a conversation with a dutchman here in the US by saying I was a UDS fan, made a good friend who went back, went to their show, got Rudeboy Remington’s autograph on the ticket and sent it to me. pretty sure I still have it. great band.