Magnificent new Hüsker Dü box set


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These guys made my terrible adolescent heartbreaks that much more bearable. Thanks for the walls of sound that let me find myself.


I saw Hüsker Dü play at Mississippi Nights club in St. Louis in 1985. Soul Asylum opened.


I am jealous. I was sad to learn that club went away. It was an awesome venue.


Hüsker Don’t.


Never thought of it that way. They lyrical content may have differed from lots of the other hardcore bands at the time but during their SST days when I first became aware of them and when I saw them the audience was very definitely the hardcore punk audience.

The one time I saw them was at Deep Elum in Dallas. Show was sold out so I snuck in through a very small vent window.


Is it important?
You’re yelling so loud

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