Bob Mould: An Old Punk Kicks New Ass


I discovered Husker Du in the early 90s IIRC, and I dug em somewhat… Bob has a great distinctive voice, but I guess I always found his playing and the sound he uses a bit drone-y and harsh, which I think is accentuated here without a bass behind it. Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to like distorted guitar, as a rule…

Anyway, he’s certainly a rather cool dude, and @pesco seemed suitably stoked to meet him… I particularly liked how Bob was talking about the DIY ethos, and I was struck by how that seems to be a prominent thread in my values, and those of other BB-type peeps…

Which led me to a thought I keep banging on about here since I came across the work of @William_Holz - when will we have our shit together enough to try DIY government on? You know, so we don’t keep having to cop arseholes like this?


It may not be entirely coincidental that I’d never heard of Husker Du until Rebecca introduced me to them, and while she’s no longer with us she’s still the biggest contributor to the whole co-opernation thing.

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Two things: 1) the theme music from the Daily Show. And 2) I never get tired of Dave Grohl saying everything he’s ever done is a blatant theft from Bob Mould.

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Anyone who’s heard Husker Du and felt it was too harsh should immediately grab Sugar’s Copper Blue (and then Beaster and FU:EL). With Sugar, Bob pretty much perfected what he was trying to do with the Huskers.

Die-hard Husker fans seem(ed) to find Sugar’s material to be too “produced”, but it’s perfect if you’re already accustomed to “produced” music. (Copper Blue is Bob’s masterpiece, and he’s aware of it.)

Sounds like I should have a listen.

Glad that Bob Mould is still around and doing his thing. First time I saw him was with Hüsker Dü in maybe 85?

@Kimmo If any one thing could be said to be at the heart of American punk it was definitely DIY

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Glad he is still going strong.

I get the feels every time I think of Mould or Hüsker Dü.

The friend that introduced me to Hüsker Dü in '81 or '82 died of colon cancer just a few years later.

Here’s to you W

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